Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 To Do

I don't really do new years resolutions, but I'm convinced that to do lists are essential to my existence... and what better time to make a to do list than the start of a new year?!  My sewing/crafting/party/bento to do list for 2011 in no particular order:

Learn Illustrator - I've had my eye on this Illustrator class from Nicole's Classes for a few months now.  Oh the printables I'll make! My "now that I know Illustrator" to do list is lengthy, so I'll save that for when I actually cross that bridge.

Cover Kitchen Stools - Compared to learning Illustrator, this one seems pretty easy, but I have two ugly kitchen stools that have needed to be recovered for at least a year and a half, so I'm committing to it right now!

Host a non-birthday party - Every year we have a big celebration for each of my girls' birthdays, this year, we're going to celebrate something non-birthday related too. Will you help me decide on a theme?  There's a poll in the right margin with a few of my ideas... vote for your fave or leave me a comment with an idea of your own!

Make something for me to wear - The girls get lots of handmade goodies, but I rarely make anything for myself.  I got Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing for Christmas this year and the Dressing Up or Down chapter has lots of cute dresses and separates to choose from... one of them will be mine this year! 

Bind Elle's I Spy Quilt - this is another one of those "long time coming" projects.  I really like piecing quilts, and I don't mind the quilting part, but I despise binding them!  The first quilt I ever made was an I Spy quilt for Elle on her 2nd birthday (she's 5 now).  I've never even posted about it on this blog though because it's not finished... the binding is just fused on & needs to be stitched

Make Liv's Baby Album - I didn't finish Elle's baby book until 2 weeks before Liv was born, I need to do Liv's album before I blink and she's 5 yrs old. This year I'm going to scrapbook her first year, that's only 24 layouts... it's not that much, I can do it (can you tell I'm psyching myself up for this one?!). 

So that's it... just 6 things to cross off my list before 12/31/11. What creative things are you going to be doing this year?


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Jessica A said...

finish my 'bestie' trinkets...if i can ever find the materials! :-(

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Hi Jessica! What materials are you looking for?

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