Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween + Birthday = This Awesome Party!

I love planning holiday parties because everywhere you go there's inspiration for your theme and party supplies galore! I worked with Dawn (my fabulous photographer!) on this awesome Halloween birthday party for her 4 year old, Ginger. We combined lots of fun Halloween goodies with even more creative ideas.

There were so many fun elements and special details to this party, but this is my blog, so we're gonna start with the make-your-own caramel apple bar I put together ;) There were 4 "stations" on the table... first the kids picked an apple from the stand, then I helped them dip it in the caramel (super easy recipe for crock pot caramel here... just be sure to watch it when it gets near the end & stir as necessary), then they chose one of four toppings to roll their apple in: crushed peanuts, heath bar bits, sprinkles, & mini chocolate chips, lastly we put it on wax paper to dry. Once they were dry we placed them in Halloweeny cello bags and the kids got to take them home. It was fun & entertaining for the kids and doubled as a yummy take home treat!

Putting the table together was so easy using the Halloween Glam printables collection from Tom Kat Studio! I just used double sided tape to attach the flags to the apple sticks and a little spider web stretched over some candle sticks trapped the "dip" "roll" & "dry" signs. The candle sticks held funkins I picked up at Michaels and spray painted spooky black. The hall where the party was held had historic photos and memorabilia on the walls that we couldn't take down or really alter... so adding some spider webs and spiders provided a fun backdrop that fit the theme.

Check out this amazing dessert table! There were so many treats to choose from - sugar rolled marshmallows, chocolate dipped pretzel "witch wands", chocolate covered jack-o-lantern Oreos, cupcakes with adorable Ginger in a witch hat cupcake picks, chocolate dipped rice crispy treats, & a cutesy ghost sucker tree. A stone head with black glittery twigs and ominous crows pulled it all together.

Can't forget the poison! Water bottle labels are so easy and a really fun detail. Dawn took them to the next level with these bigger labels for the bottles of soda! And while we're at it, I may as well mention that no guests' taste was left uncatored to... there was salsa, fresh guacamole & chips, Sangria, beer, jello shots, cookies & pizza from a tasty local shop.

The hall was decorated with so much Halloween fun! Ghosts that flew across the ceiling, rats that raced along the floor, spider webs, candelabras, & steaming caldrons. The table that greeted you at the front of the hall was the centerpiece. Bedecked in cheesecloth, it showcased beautiful photos of the birthday girl (the handiwork of her very talented Mommy of course!)

Last but not least was a handmade life... or is it death??... sized coffin that served as the gift spot. Throw a fun party and you're sure to make out like this!

Oh and I have to show you my Halloweeny hair accessory!! Clearly I'm exhausted in this picture... but that's justifiable after dipping 40 caramel apples for 40 screaming, costumed, sugar filled children right?! I had to post this though because I reconnected with a friend I went to high school with on Facebook and she just opened her own Etsy shop, Pinks Parlor. I love the unique style of her pieces and she did a great job putting this one together! I found 4 excuses to wear it during the past week & got a ridiculous number of compliments!

Okay, that's it for this Halloween. I hope you got some good ideas for your parties next year... may as well start planning now!

{Photos by Elemental Image}



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