Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Notes

I’m so excited about this really simple and inexpensive idea for Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t take long to do either, so there’s still time to make one for your Valentine. Here’s what you do:

1)Print several copies of this page

2)In each box on the page, hand write (no typing allowed! This is definitely the sort of thing that requires the personal touch of your own handwriting… I don’t want to hear how your handwriting isn’t pretty… just do it!) a sentence starting with “I love” about the subject of your affection. Get creative and challenge yourself to write as many love notes as you can! The notes can be anything from simple things they do (I love when you take out the trash. I love that you indulge my sweet tooth), to physical features (I love your almost salt & pepper hair.), to things you like to do together (I love kissing you), and characteristics you admire (I love your sense of humor). Write out what immediately comes to mind, but give yourself at least an afternoon or so to mull it over and write more notes as you think of them… the more you write the better!

3)Cut out each of your love notes into little slips of paper & fold them in half

4)Put a little filler of some sort in a clear jar/container. I used a piece of tissue paper, but paper shred or marbles would be cute too. Put all your love notes in the jar. Just fyi: my jar (pictured above) is not terribly big. I wrote around 120 love notes and still needed filler so that it wouldn’t look sparse… so take heed to #2 and you better really love this person!

5)Decorate! I tied a few ribbons around the neck of the jar, cut a piece of Valentiney card stock for the lid, and added sparkly letter stickers to spell out love notes.

This would be a great idea not only for your significant other, but also for your kiddos… don’t you think?!
Happy Valentines Day to you, my dear sweet readers! I hope there’s so much love in your life that you could write jars… no buckets… no rooms full of love notes!


RedMarionette said...

Such a cute idea! I am so glad he enjoyed it! Yay!

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