Friday, October 16, 2009

It's That Time!

Time to draw names if you’re doing a Christmas Gift Exchange!

My parents, my siblings, and our spouses always exchange names for Christmas. My Doug and I… and now one of my brothers is in school here too… are in Fl and the rest of my family is in IL, so it’s not easy to draw names long distance. This year I found an awesome site that is going to make it easy for us, but has some really cool features that will make you want to use even if all your gifters/giftees are in one spot. It’s and it’s FREE!

Here’s how it works. You set the number of participants for your gift exchange, type in their names and email addresses, set any exclusions (like spouses shouldn’t draw each other’s name) and the site sends an email out to everyone with a link. They click on the link, fill out a wish list, and once everyone is done with their list the site emails everyone their person to buy for. Okay, so that’s great, but the things that really sold me on it were that you can update your wish list whenever you want, so if you think of something between now and the exchange you can let the person who has your name know. You can also send questions to the participants anonymously, so if you have a question about something on your person’s wish list, you can ask them without them knowing who is asking the question. And, if you’re the person who organized the exchange you can send an email to everyone in the group at once if you have a change in the details of your exchange. Oh, and I also like organizing the exchange online because my wish list contains “Anything from my Etsy favorites would be wondermous!” and the link to my favorites is right there, so no excuse for not checking them out :)

What would we do without the internet?!


Unknown said...

Seriously cool! I just did it for my family...thanks for sharing the site!

Athena's Armoury said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing that! My man's family does a gift exchange: I hope I can get them to do it virtually like that.

SecondChanceChicken said...

very cool time saver and would "fix" the members of our group who "cheat" by trading their picks. Not ME of course :)

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