Friday, February 20, 2009

Bloggy Love

I'll admit it, I'm a lazy blog reader. I enjoy quite a few blogs and keep up with a hand full on a regular basis. But, if your blog isn't on blogger and I can't subscribe to it so that your updates pop up every time I log into my blogger account, a month or more could go by before I decide to spend my "I have time to kill online" time reading the non-blogger blogs I like. This was the fate of the Urban Threads blog. I love love love Urban Threads embroidery designs! Niamh, the master mind behind Urban Threads and her friend, Karline, run a great blog too. I like to stop by as often as I remember too, but alas, it's not a blogger blog sooooo it had been a few months. As I was reading through back posts low and behold:

That's my sugar skull ring sling, Yea!


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