Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Comfy Hooded Towels

I received a handmade hooded towel as a shower gift when I was pregnant with Elle and didn't realize at the time what a great gift it was. I should have guessed that those thin little hooded towels you pick up at the big box stores aren't absorbent or big enough to actually dry a completely soaked squirming 9 month old. I figured it out pretty quickly though. I love them because it's such a simple idea (have you noticed I like the immediate satisfaction type projects best?!), they're super useful, and if you use quality towels like I do, they'll be around for years of bath and beach time fun!

So here you have it, I'll share the love, a tutorial on how to make these simple hooded towels. Although if you need an extra special one for a super cute gift or if all your kid's stuff has his/her name emblazoned on it, but you don't have an embroidery machine of your own, I still suggest you buy one of the super fantastic Elle Belle embroidered towels!

1) pick up a nice quality bath towel and wash rag in the same or a coordinating print.
2) fold the wash rag in half long ways, right sides together
3) sew one of the short ends of the wash rag together. Flip inside out to make the hood.
4) pin the unsewn side of the wash rag to the middle top of the long side of the bath towel (pin it further up the wash rag if you're making the towel for a baby, or closer to the rag's edge if you're making it for a toddler or older child).
5) Sew the hood on and enjoy that cuddly after bath time with your little one even more!


sewitsforyou said...

I will have to remember that..

Monogramming By Tammy said...

what a great idea....i love these towels for my little one. thank so much!!

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