Friday, October 17, 2008

Atomic Holiday Bazaar

Atomic Holiday Bazaar is an uber hip totally rad craft spectacular held in Sarasota 3 years running now. I had a blast last year at the show and am so excited about being a part of it again this year on December 14th. Adrienne, the AHB organizer/promoter extraordinaire, gave Elle Belle shout out on her MySpace page... in her "as only Adreienne could put it way" (I luv ya girl!) check us out:

This sling earned Elle Belle a spot in the finals of the Etsy Handmade Kid Contest! That's a huge deal, I mean there are thousands of us on Etsy so kudos to Stacey!

1, 2, 3, 4 who loves to count even more? I do. However, I can count up to ten these days so I don't need these bags but what a fun gift for that kid in your life who is learning to count and learn their colors; or maybe you can buy a set of these for that dippy friend who is always shortchanging you when it comes to splitting the bill. Or maybe you can pass these bags off as change while shopping since these beanbags are probably way more valuable than our U.S. dollar-roonie.


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