Friday, January 18, 2008


We’ve been tagged by Simply Said by Sarah, so here you have it… 4 unusual things about me:

  1. I much prefer being barefoot to having shoes and/or socks on. I even take my shoes off at my desk at work.
  2. If I’m having an argument with someone and they make a valid point that makes me change my mind, it makes me smile. It’s a dead give away for the fact that you’ve very likely won the argument (yes, my husband is aware of this, see #3 below)
  3. I can’t keep a secret from my husband. Even when I’m worried or upset about something I’ve done I have to tell him right away, it’s like it eases my conscience or something. For example, I’ve called him from in my car when I backed it into a tree once I also called him one day when I opened the mail and realized I had let our car insurance lapse.
  4. I’ve bonded with my sewing machine and have even had an actual conversation with it (see How do I love thee… below)

Weird huh?! We’ll see if I can get the other Elle Belle girls to play along.


Trendy Tots said...

Great speech! I also felt the same way about the term "indie" but have since reformed.

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