Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Memory Quilt

So this is it… quite possibly my most favorite sewing project I’ve done to date… a quilt I made from my daughter’s baby clothes. I was so nervous about cutting up all those tiny outfits!
I kept reminding myself “they’re just gonna wither away in a dark box for the next 20 years if I don’t do something with them now”. I finally got the courage to break out my rotary cutter and instead of stressing about each cut I daydreamed about how cuddly her little body was in those footie pajamas, how adorable she looked crawling away from me in those ruffle butts, and how pretty her face was framed in the ruffles of the bonnet that went with the outfit she came home from the hospital in. I’m so glad I did, I really couldn’t be happier with the results!
Some details about the quilt – It has 43 individual “outfits” in it, none of them repeating. I included pajamas, dresses, ruffle butts, onesies, lots of handmade goodies, receiving blankets & details like buttons, bows, pockets, embroidery, and applique. The design is a variation of a block called stacked coins.
 I think it’s the perfect design for a baby clothes quilt because none of the clothes actually butt up against each other, so there aren’t any bulky seams and all the pressing is really easy. Even though it’s a bit risky, I also really love the white background for this quilt… it highlights the clothes and doesn’t compete with the variety of colors. The finished quilt is approximately 57” x 70”.  


Some of my favorite blocks:
The taggie blanket I made and embroidered for Liv... complete with some of her favorite ribbon loops!

Adorable ruffle butts from the retro ruffler outfit made by Rae Gun... she had another of these outfits, and it's one of only a handful of outfits I kept in tact for her to have for her own little ones someday... if she wants. 
More ruffle butts!  These are the ones she wore while eating her first birthday cake.  Made by Sherbet Baby.
The top from the very first thing I made for Liv while I was pregnant but before had even decided on her name... this Amy Butler kimono.

Footie pajamas from Liv's layette so cuddly sweet!

An applique top I made with a matching pair of pants (see it & another one of the outfits in the quilt here).

A crochet trimmed pocket from a dress Liv and Elle both wore (other pocket reserved for Elle's quilt) and the funny glow in the dark rib cage onesie she wore on her first Halloween.

There you have it!  I'm really so pleased with how it turned out, and it feels absolutely wonderful to have a big ol' fat check mark in the "cut up my last baby's most cherished clothes" box!



Karie said...

Just beautiful! Liv will cherish it forever!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

I actually got misty-eyed going through this post, Stacey. Your daughters are so blessed to have a mom who cherishes every memory (and is an accomplished crafter to boot)!

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Hi Lissa, thanks so much! I always look forward to your comments and really appreciate your input!

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Thanks Karie! I hope so! I made her a list of what each of the outfits are from... hopefully that will make it even more personal to her.

Unknown said...

Oh, this is so precious. What a treasured keepsake...for you and for her! I don't know if I could take the scissors to my Noah's baby clothes, but I really love this idea.

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

How very sweet! I'm doing a variation on a t-shirt quilt with onesies for my best friend. Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

Jaime said...

This is so sweet, I'm getty weepy over here!! I'd love for you to link it up!!

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

That is so sweet--I love it! I've thought about doing this with some of my little boy's clothes, but I can't even bring myself to cut them up :-( I love this quilt!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

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