Monday, March 21, 2011

Toddler Backpack

For those of you who are new around here, my little spot of the blogosphere is usually full of sewing projects... this whole Illustrator thing is a new discovery.  So, I have a "back to what I know" post for you.  This adorable little backpack I made for my 18 month old cutie:
LOVE toddler backpacks!  They made it possible for me to ditch the diaper bag and have both my girls shlep their own baby stuff as soon as they were old enough to walk. 
I found that adorable mushroom print fabric at a local fabric shop (I think it's from Japan... I thought I'd be able to find it on Etsy and tell you what it's called, but I don't see it, sorry).  I NEVER buy fabric unless I have a specific project in mind for it... I know that's like sacrilege for those of us who sew... so I passed this fabric up the first time I saw it.  2 days later I decided on the toddler backpack and trecked back to the fabric store to pair it with a pink faux bois ("fake wood" in french) and limey green dots. 
The backpack is a really wonderful pattern by Pattern Play. It comes together so simply, the instructions are easy to follow, able to be customized, and perfect for little hands to operate all on their own! 
These backpacks may become my standard 1 year old birthday gift!


Anonymous said...

This turned out so cute. The fabric and design are adorable!

Karie said...

So cute! It should totally be your first birthday "go to" gift! :)

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