Sunday, September 28, 2008

Calling all crafters!

Okay so I have noooo idea who reads my blog unless you post a comment or email me (big props to those of you who do!). Consider yourself forewarned, this may not apply to you, but I'm super excited about what's in the works for the handmade holiday bazaar I'm planning and was pretty happy with the blog I just posted on a website I'm a part of with other crafters, and thought I'd share:

So I've been a vendor in a ton of shows... some were a total bust and others were super fun, well organized, I spent the day chatting with customers, and selling lots. In an attempt to create a show that I would personally be way stoked to be a part of, I'm working with Julie of Sew It's For You and the owner of an awesome new fabric shop in St. Pete, Karrie of Fiberologie to organize and promote the Handmade Holiday Bazaar.

The show is off to a great start! An ad in a hip monthly publication called Skirt! whose target market is women (read: shoppers!) is about to go to print and be distributed throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. There are a bajillion (okay maybe it's a little less than a bajillion... but not by much) flyers on their way and about to be posted all over town and handed out to everyone who will stand still long enough to check it out. Some awesome local businesses are doing their part to help us newbies out in spreading the word and making the event tons of fun for customers and the vendors. And last, but not least we have some really vendor centric things planned, like opportunities to promote your businesses in goodie bags, hosting your very own demos/workshop, breakfast, a discounted lunch, booth and table fees that don't break the bank, and the little things that just help you "feel the love".

Sound like the place for you?! We just put out the call to crafters 3 days ago and we're already half way full. So, check us out, fill out an application and have a blast!


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