Friday, September 19, 2008

Cool Crisp Air

the crunch of leaves under your feet, hay rides, warm apple cider, bon fires, oh the joys of autumn! Huh? What? Oh ya, I live in Florida now! Those were my favorite things about this time of year... or at least the time of year we're headed into... while I was growing up in IL. Now autumn marks the beginning of not 100 degree afternoons. I love living in Florida for so many reasons, but no fall season is not one of them. Almost every year we plan a trip somewhere with some changing leaves to at least get a taste of it (this year it's Gatlinburg TN). I'm looking forward to our fall vacation, reminiscing of autumns past, and thought I'd share these fabulous Etsy Finds that set the perfect mood but apparently Blogger is having a bit of trouble with pictures these days, so I had to create a little mini in order for you to see the compilation of photos. I guess we'll have to do it this way until Blogger gets its little kinks worked out. Scroll down a bit to check it out.


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