Sunday, August 10, 2008

It doesn't flash/buzz/play music/integrate, it's Count and Spell beanbags with color recognition

As promised, here are the pics of the count and spell color recognition beanbags. They're finished and I really couldn't be happier with them! Since my last post, I filled them with what else... beans!... dry navy beans to be exact (they give them the perfect good ol' fashion bean weight, sound, and feel) pinned them all, and stitched them shut with invisible thread on top and black thread in the bobbin (see post below).

I'll post the listing in my shop tomorrow morning for sets of 6 and a full alphabet and then head to the post office to ship these 26.


Anonymous said...

Oh,Stacey! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! ♥ (We make a good team, don't we?! ;o)

My daughter is going to absolutely LOVE these!

Thank you so much for all the effort you went to in order to get these right. I can tell it was a labor of love. You are so amazing to work with and I can't thank you enough.


sewitsforyou said...

these turned out great. I love all of the colors used and they look so cute!

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