Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chubby Baby + Handmade Kimono = Too Cute!

The kimono outfit from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones book was the very first project I made for Liv as soon as we knew if we were having a boy or girl. I loved how it turned out (see it here), but they never get much wear out of size 0-3 months (especially when they're 9lbs 4oz to start out with). I realized about a month ago that since Liv is already wearing size 12months clothes, she was going to be out of the sizes in the book really soon, so I better get to makin' if I want her to have any more of those cute little numbers. I thought I would pick a different outfit to make this time, maybe a pretty little dress, but no. I couldn't resist the kimono outfit again... especially since I had Heather Ross' unbelievably soft cotton double gauze fabric begging to be used. It's from Heather's Far Far Away line, you can find it online here.

The first kimono I made had short sleeves, but I made this one with long sleeves, and added a lining to the inside cuffs so I could roll them up in case they were a bit long, which ended up being a good thing! So here you have it, the last little kimono outfit for my darling Liv... well from this pattern anyway :)

Oh, and check out the little wood and wool teether Liv's holding. It's from a pretty little Etsy shop called justhatched. I don't see it listed in their shop at the moment, but they have another wooden teether shaped into the international breastfeeding symbol. Thier wooden leaf puzzle looks beautiful too. There's just something special about the simple aesthetic appeal of a hand crafted wooden toy!


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