Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look What I Made!

My 4 yr old loves to collect lots of little things; acorns & marbles are her favorites, but recently she’s started picking up punk pins here and there. Acorns and marbles are easy enough to contain, but of course she wants to pin the pins to something and that can pose a bit of problem… I’m just going to go ahead and admit that I am a Mom who doesn’t let her kid wear the priority mail sticker the postman at the counter gave her, would NEVER allow her to leave the house in last years Halloween costume, and washes the temporary tattoos (it takes serious effort for me to suppress my distaste for those thing every time someone offers her one) off that night at bath time. I’m not about to let her wear a jack-o-lantern pin every day of the week and I certainly don’t want her to poke holes in her outfits. So, when it became clear that the punk pin obsession wasn’t just a passing thing I had to come up with a solution so as not to expose my neurosis. Behold my Godsend, the One Yard Wonders Good Hat Day Hat:

For whatever reason, I think this look is sorta… urban chic/edgy in a kid kinda way. Not only is this little cutie the perfect solution for keeping those punk pins from leaving jinormous holes in outfits or ending up buried in the toy box (we’ve found 3 more pins there since I took this picture), I made it from an old pair of jeans… how’s that for repurposing?!

If you’re going to make this, after you measure your subject’s head according to the instructions in the book, go to the Finny Knits blog and thank God and baby Jesus that she understands how to do the math for figuring out how to cut the top pieces. Read her whole post because she even found a little oops in the pattern, which will save you from having to wonder if you’re crazy when you get to that part.

Oh, and just in case her passion for punk pins ever wanes, I made this flower from Heather Bailey’s tutorial to take their place.


AKD said...

Super CUTE!!

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