Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disney Outfits

Despite my lack of recent blog posts, I've been crafting and sewing away & have lots of stuff to show you! Like, the sweetest princess inspired backpack ever, tons of appliqued boy onesies (you'll see... boy stuff can be cute too!), photo blocks, details about the cake stand I made for Liv's party, and bentos bentos bentos. So much good stuff, I just need to find the time to post it all!
But you'll have to wait for all of that because today I'm posting about the outfits I made for my cuties to wear to Disney. Elle's 6th birthday was last week, so we celebrated by heading to Disney with our good friends whose 5 year old was also celebrating a birthday that week.
sorry for the crappy picture! It's of course the way it should be... you know... a trip to Disney where your camera decides to mess up in a way that it never has and over expose every picture.
I made both of the big girls birthday outfits using this skirt tutorial and simple number appliques I added to the Ts I picked up at Target. Liv's pillowcase dress came together quickly using this tutorial.
Birthday outfits wouldn't be complete without birthday hats though! I've made several birthday hats in the past, but these turned out the best and were the easiest by far. Definitely give this a try the next time you need a special birthday hat. You'll need:
A plain ol' party store party hat
a little bit of fabric
spray adhesive
hot glue
an exacto blade (not pictured)
If you're adding ears to your hat, pick up some stiff glittery black felt
Here's what you do:
  • unhook the tab on the party hat so you can open it up and lay it flat.
  • rough cut the fabric about half an inch bigger all around the hat
  • spray adhesive over the outside of the hat
  • lay the hat onto the fabric and smooth it out
  • run a bead of hot glue along the inside edge of the hat, pull the fabric around the edge of the hat and press it into the glue.
  • repeat until all the raw edges of the fabric are glued down to the inside edge of the hat.

  • using the exacto blade, cut a slit in the fabric where the slit for the hat tab is
  • insert the tab into the slit to put the hat back together

  • Embellish your hat:
    • If you're making the ears, you'll cut the circle ear shapes out of the glitter felt, draw a generous amount of hot glue along the sides of the hat, and hold the ear in place until the glue dries
    • you could also glue rick rack around the bottom edge of the hat
    • make little crepe paper pom-poms or hot glue already made ones to the top
Disney is already the happiest place on earth, but when everyone stops to say happy birthday and tell you how adorable you look... it makes it magical!


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