Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The week in bentos

Lots of new yummy foods in this week's bentos:
Wednesday Elle had baby carrots, banana chips, a fruit leather divider & heart.  A wheat bread sandwich with roast beef and swiss cheese & super delicious organic gellatin free heart gummies that Elle's sweet Aunt Betsy brought her from Germany.
The next day was natural cheetos (read "no food coloring" yippee), a fruit leather divider, some golden raisins, pepperoni "ribbons" on skewers, cubed cheese, & Ritz crackers. The watermellon bag is a "Snack-A-Long" eco-friendly, reusable snack bag, the handiwork of Moja Creations on Etsy.  We love this bag!  It's lined in a water resistant vinyl so it cleans up super easy, and is the perfect size for snacks of all kinds... this day it was popcorn.  

For her last day of school this week, she had a roast beef and swiss cheese roll up (oddly enough, she ate it in sandwich form on Wednesday, but left most of the roll up on Friday), some dried fruit, a mini toasted bagel & a vitamin C chew "candy".  The Hello kitty box is a little divided "bento" with Palmers All Fruit for her bagel and some mini marshmallows.

Handmade birthday outfits coming up next!



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