Friday, September 3, 2010

The Week in Bentos

Thanks for the positive feedback about last week's bento post!  I think a regular weekly post would be a nice addition to the blog too, so here we go with this week's bentos:

One of our favorite weeknight meals is a rotisserie chicken from Publix, baked beans, and Hawaiian rolls. The left over roll made it into Elle's bento the next day (we're gonna be in trouble when Liv starts eating that forth one... all our left overs are really going to suffer once Liv starts eating a full portion, everything is made for 4!).  The little monkey container has a tiny banana spoon and I packed some butter in it for her to spread on her roll.  Next to that she has dried fruit, below that, little picks with cheddar cheese cubes and pepperonis, and a stack of sliced cucumbers.

Thursday she had her favorite flavor of sugar free apple sauce, country berry.  In her box was a slice of toasted cinnamon raisin bread, almonds, grapes, baby carrots, a fruit leather divider and the piece de resistance (anyone know how to make accent marks in Blogger?!?) a Babybell Cheese ladybug complete with fruit leather antenna and spots drawn with a sharpie.

Elle didn't eat many of her carrots on Wednesday, so I tried them again today, this time with Ranch dressing in a little red screw top container to dip them in and she brought home an empty bento box :)  She also had banana chips, fig newtons, cheese crackers, and grapes with a little pick thrown in for fun.

Do you pack lunches for your little ones?  What are their favorites?


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