Friday, November 5, 2010

Red & the Wolf

I lied... Ginger's Halloween Birthday party wasn't the last of the Halloweenyness here on my blog... this is,  my kiddos' Halloween costumes.  Elle was Little Red Riding Hood and Liv was the big bad wolf... or the little good wolf depending on who you ask.


I used McCall's Pattern 6187 to make Red's hood.  I was deciding whether I wanted to use the rest of the pattern to make the dress... I hate sewing clothes from a commercial pattern, they NEVER come out the size you think they should... so I came up with an idea I think I'm gonna use every year from now on.  I made the "dress" part of the costume as an apron and Elle wore it over a simple white t-shirt and white tutu.  Two sweet braids tied with red satin ribbon, black mary janes, and a little picnic basket with a bit of left over red gingham finished the costume.

Liv's costume was more of a craft than a sewing project.  I just picked up some "furry" fabric, sewed it into a long tube and cut it into 3 parts, one for the tail and two for cuffs.  I sewed the tail to a loop of elastic that she wore around her waist & sewed a bit of elastic into each of the short tubes so she could wear them as cuffs around her wrists.  I picked the ears up at a costume store... they were kitty ears on hair clips that I hot-glued the fur fabric to and sewed little ribbon loops on her hoodie to clip the ears to.  I also sewed a bigger tube of the "fur" fabric and hot glued it to the sole of a pair of cheap tennis shoes she was about to grow out of.  Daddy finished the costume up by drawing a little black nose and a few wiskers.
All night everyone told Elle how cute her little brother looked... I think next year Liv will have to be something other than Elle's prop.



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